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Our Curriculum


We know that children learn best when they are given the freedom to use their senses to explore, experiment, theorize, manipulate, and broaden their imagination . Here at Emunah Hebrew Academy, our curriculum is designed to encourage each child to become a learner rather than a performer. A performer does everything to please others; a learner is excited about the world around him and is eager to explore it.

Our curriculum is divided between Judaic and Secular studies. The curriculum is taught through hands-on art activities, games, drama, songs, music, movement and cooking activities. Aleph-Bet and ABC's are incorporated into our daily lessons through sounds of the letters and simple vocabulary. In addition, Parsha, Teffilot (prayers), Berochot (blessings), Mitzvot, Middot, the Chagim (holidays), Rosh Chodesh, and Shabbat, are integrated into the curriculum. Both our Judaic and Secular studies are taught through monthly themes, utilizing the whole child approach to learning. Each theme includes pre-reading, writing, math skills, science, social studies, music, art, language arts, movement and drama. Pre-math includes recognizing numbers, matching, classifying, sequencing, counting, sorting, graphing and shape recognition.

Rhyming, dictation of stories, storytelling, and dramatic play, encourage the mastery of language skills. Our social studies units teach about the world we live in. Science themes include units on the four Seasons, animal, plant and insect life. Healthy bodies, the Five Senses, and hands-on science.

We work with each child individually to develop their social, emotional and problem solving skills. As they participate in meaningful and developmentally appropriate class activities, they learn to express their opinions and ideas and to listen respectfully to their peers. In our loving atmosphere full of Torah, laughter and fun, it is our goal to help each child become an integral member of our classroom community, as well as the Jewish community at large.